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Entertainment for People of All Ages!

When we say that My Clubhouse offers fun for all ages not just kids parties, we absolutely mean it. Our goal is to create indoor parties where every single person is able to enjoy themselves. Because of this, we offer indoor party entertainment in our adults and seniors indoor party facilities in Doral, FL. Whether you want to play a competitive game of pool, or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy our plasma TVs, rest assured that there will be something great at our indoor party center for you!

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What to Expect at Our Private Party Facility in Doral, FL

At My Clubhouse in Doral, FL, we have entertainment for all ages, so you can organize a party just for adults or get the whole family together in one place. Whether you have young kids you want to bring with, teens and tweens who want to play video games, or all adults who want to kick back and play pool, we have you covered. Some of the activities for teens, tweens, adults and seniors at our Doral indoor party places include:

  • Pool table
  • Dominoes
  • Plasma TVs
  • Unlimited soda machine
  • Rock wall
  • Music of your choice
  • The latest games on Wii and Xbox at our video game station
  • Cotton candy and popcorn cart
  • Indoor playground

Pool Table By My Clubhouse Indoor Sports by My Clubhouse

With all of the amenities at our private party places, you can keep your kids and adults entertained at the same time. When you book a birthday party or other indoor party and our private party facility, you can expect:

  • A fully private event. No two events occur in our party spaces at the same time, providing you full privacy and ultimate fun.
  • Fully customizable indoor party packages. We’ll work with you to decide which decorations or food orders you want ahead of time, helping you create your perfect party.
  • Full setup and cleanup by highly trained, professional staff. Our friendly indoor party place staff members will take care of setting up the party to your specifications ahead of time so you can simply show up the day of and enjoy the fun. They’ll also take care of making sure things run smoothly during the party and cleaning up afterward.

My Clubhouse is the ultimate indoor party venue for kids and adults of all ages, serving the Doral, FL, area. We aim to provide the ultimate party experience for you and your family, taking care of all the details from planning with you to carrying out the party and cleaning up afterward.

We will be glad to discuss your private party’s plans and how we can help make it a memorable experience for each and every person involved. Call us today at (305) 470-1888 to learn more about our indoor party packages and our indoor party rental services!

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Your party is completely private
  • Everything is completely customizable, no two parties are alike
  • There's entertainment for all ages, from babies to grandparents
  • Stress-free party, just arrive, have fun, and leave with the presents
  • Family owned and operated since 2006

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