• Fun and Practical Favors for Your Child’s Birthday Party

    Before heading to your child’s birthday party place in Doral, FL , you need to decide on some fun favors to give the party guests. Instead of toys or candy, you can supply practical and fun favors for any party theme. You can match these party favors to the theme of the indoor party —such as cartoon-decorated card decks—or you can supply gardening kits and stationary for creative and useful party favors. Continue reading for more practical party favors you can use. Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Gardening Kits

    Gardening kits are a fun way to teach kids about the environment. Whether your child’s birthday party is held outside or at an indoor playground, you can distribute small bags of seeds to each guest. Include a list of instructions and a small, plastic pot in which to grow the seeds. Your child’s party guests will have fun planting and watching the seeds grow.

    Stationary Kits

    Stationary kits may include pens, pencils, pads of paper, and notebooks. These kits can come in colorful designs or themes to match your child’s birthday party décor. Kids will love stationary kit favors, because they can color, sketch, and write whenever they want. These kits will also help improve kids’ motor function, writing skills, and creativity.

    Card Decks

    Card decks can come in a variety of designs, from popular cartoon shows to movie characters. Kids can use these simple party favors to play different games and work on their number and math skills. Card decks can also bring children together by encouraging game play and socialization.

    Easy Readers

    Books and other easy reading supplies are great party favors that will excite both kids and parents. There are many inexpensive sets of easy reading books that you can include with your child’s party favors. These books will improve children’s reading skills and broaden their horizons.

    Colorful Toothbrushes

    If your child’s birthday party place is decorated with a candy theme, why not offer colorful toothbrushes and dental kits as practical party favors? Parents will love dental supplies, and your child’s party guests will enjoy using bright and fun-looking toothbrushes.

  • How to Beautifully Wrap a Present

    Whether you are attending a birthday party or throwing one at your local birthday party place in Doral, FL , wrapping presents is going to be on your mind. Wrapping a present does not need to be difficult, especially with the simple way seen in the attached video. To learn how to beautifully wrap a present for your next indoor party, continue reading below.

    Grab a piece of wrapping paper that will match the theme of the birthday party place, and make sure it will properly fit the present. Cut and resize the wrapping paper as needed. When folding the wrapping paper around the present, press down to create sharp, clean edges. With clean edges, you will have an easy time wrapping your presents for your next indoor party.

  • The Benefits of Free Party Consultations

    Choosing a children’s party place in Doral, FL is a great way to enhance your child’s next birthday party . Instead of worrying about the responsibilities of hosting a party at home, you can relax and enjoy the party along with your child.

    Here at My Clubhouse , we offer free party consultations for families who are interested in hosting events at our indoor party facility. You can visit our website and contact us if you want a free party quote for your child’s event. This will help you decide if our indoor party place is the right choice when you’re planning your child’s birthday celebration. You can also use this website feature to schedule a tour of our indoor party facility. You and your child will be able to look around our party place to see all of our amenities and learn more about why our party place is always a great choice.

    Birthday Party by My Clubhouse

  • Making DIY Balloon Birthday Invitations

    Planning a party at a children’s party place in Doral, FL should be almost as fun as the party itself. You and your child can get the fun started by working together to make beautiful and festive invitations to send to his friends.

    Watch this video to get some inspiration for invitations to the indoor party place . Making your own invitations is a fun way to get into the party spirit if you and your child enjoy creating crafts together. If you’d rather focus on other aspects of the event, you can look for a birthday party place that offers amenities such as invitation cards and thank you notes to give to all of your party guests. Look for an indoor party place that offers the activities and amenities you and your child want.

  • Qualities to Look for in an Indoor Party Place

    Your child has a birthday coming up and you don’t want to host a party at home. Luckily, indoor party places in Doral, FL provide the perfect space for an awesome party . Make sure you plan an unforgettable event for your child by looking for these qualities in a private party place: Perfect Space for party By My Clubhouse


    One of the most important qualities to look for in an indoor party place is the activities. You want to choose a place that will offer your child and her friends plenty of fun activities to try during your time there. Bounce playgrounds are popular choices as well as rock climbing walls and video game stations. Talk to your child about her favorite activities so you can find a party place that she’s sure to love.


    Your child and her friends will need fuel to energize their time at the indoor party place, so you’ll want to choose a location that offers plenty of tasty food options. Choose a party place that will provide kid-pleasing food like pizza as well as options that parents will enjoy eating. You should also look for places that offer snacks and drinks that all guests can enjoy throughout the event.


    You can’t have a children’s party without decorations! That’s why it’s a good idea to ask about decoration options when you’re looking for a private party place. Make sure you choose a location that will decorate the space before you arrive. Look for classic party decorations like balloons, tablecloths, center pieces, and a piñata for the kids to enjoy.

    Setup and Cleanup

    Indoor party places are popular because they provide an awesome and unforgettable party experience for children of all ages. But they are also popular because they let parents relax! You can find an indoor party place that will take care of setting up the space before you arrive and cleaning everything up after you leave. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the party instead of worrying about the aftermath.

  • Fun Ideas for Winter Themed Kids Parties

    Winter is a fun and festive time, so why not keep that spirit alive for your child’s winter birthday party? An indoor party place in Doral, FL is the perfect location to enjoy a winter themed event without having to endure the colder weather. Consider these ideas for your child’s upcoming indoor party : Indoor Party Place by My Clubhouse


    If your child has a winter birthday, she might also have a favorite winter movie. Encourage your child and her friends to dress up like characters from their favorite winter movies or stories for her birthday party. This is a fun way to incorporate a winter theme into your child’s party that will allow her and her friends to play dress-up and express their creativity. Just make sure everyone’s costume to safe to wear while playing at the birthday party place.

    Winter Crafts

    Party guests might not be able to make snowmen or snow angels at an indoor party place, but they can make craft versions of these winter favorites. Bring plenty of paper and crayons, markers, and coloring pencils to the indoor party place. When the kids aren’t busy playing, they can outline each other on large pieces to paper to make paper snow angels, or use paper and other craft materials to build indoor snowmen.

    Festive Foods

    If your child loves winter treats, you should plan to make or buy some to bring to the party. You can bring a container of hot chocolate so party guests can enjoy this winter favorite throughout the event. You can also bake cookies, cakes, or other sweet treats with your child’s favorite winter images, such as snowflakes, snowmen, or their favorite winter movie characters.

    Party Favors

    Goodie bags are a fun way to thank your child’s party guests for attending the event. You and your child can have fun thinking of winter themed party favors to include for her party. Make winter crafts that guests can use or put on display or look for fun items that feature your child’s favorite characters.

  • How to Get Your Child Involved in Birthday Party Planning

    Booking an indoor party place is a great way to start planning for a birthday celebration, but having your child help you plan can make the event special and more memorable for her. If you’ve already booked a private party place in Doral, FL , then read on for tips on involving your child in the party planning process. Indoor Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Ask for help with the theme.

    One of the best ways to get your child interested in helping you plan her birthday event is to ask her what type of party she would like. In most cases, kids have plenty of ideas when it comes to birthday party themes, and there are likely to be at least a few that are feasible. Together, make a list of possible birthday party themes and then help your child settle on one. Do not be dissuaded by unique and non-traditional ideas because these can create a fun challenge for you and your child to take on.

    Work together on the invitations.

    After selecting a theme, you and your kid can move on to the invites. Whether you want to buy invitations or make them by hand, this is a step that both you and your child can work on. If buying the invitations, allow your child to pick the ones that she wants, while reminding her of the party’s theme and helping her find ones that match. Next, let your child write the names of the invitees on the envelopes and add a message to the card if she desires. If you’d rather make homemade invites, then setting aside an afternoon to work on them together with your child is a great way to get her involved in the party planning and to add a personal touch to the invitations.

    Pick out decorations together.

    Finally, bringing some of your own decorations to the indoor party place is an excellent way to build on the party’s theme. Have your child help you pick out hats, banners, and streamers, and then set them up together at the indoor playground to keep her involved in the party planning.

  • Planning a Theme for Your Child’s Birthday Party

    If you’re like many parents, then you want your kid to have a great birthday while avoiding too much hassle and cleanup for yourself. It’s because of this that many parents choose to host these events at an indoor playground or private party place in Doral, FL . However, planning for the theme is important whether you book an indoor party place or have the celebration at home. Watch this video for tips on planning your child’s birthday theme.

    Coordinating napkins, tablecloths, cups, utensils, and plates are a few of the essentials that you will need. Also, remember to pick out party favors while keeping in mind that a couple of larger items are often preferred over a goody bag filled with small items. Finally, try to include crafts that match the party’s theme, such as crown decorating for a princess party, or treasure chest decorating for a pirate party.

  • My Clubhouse: Fun for All Ages

    Are you considering your options for birthday party places in Doral, FL ? If so, then choosing a location that offers fun and entertainment for kids of all ages can be important for picking the right birthday party place. For this reason, the My Clubhouse private party place has areas that accommodate different age groups.

    Our baby and toddler area provides a fun and safe environment with a playground designed specifically with young children in mind. The kids area, designed for those ages 3 to 12, offers many different ways for kids to stay active and enjoy themselves. Featuring a rock climbing wall, video games, and a pool table, our teens & tweens area is sure to be enjoyable for kids in this age group. Finally, the My Clubhouse indoor private party place even has an area where adults and seniors can sit and relax, watch TV, or play a game of pool. With so much to offer and something for everyone, it makes sense to choose My Clubhouse for your next party for kids.

    Kids Playground by My Clubhouse

  • Healthy Birthday Party Snack Options

    Indoor playgrounds and birthday party places in Doral, FL offer parents an excellent way to host fun parties for kids. However, if you want to provide the attendees with options to eat that are more nutritious than traditional party foods, then read on for some healthy birthday party snack ideas. Traditional Party Foods By My Clubhouse

    Fruit Kebabs

    Fresh fruit is an excellent replacement for candy and it’s full of fiber and nutrients, while at the same time tasting sweet and delicious. For this reason, fruit kebabs make a great healthy party snack. Berries, melons, mango, kiwi, peaches, and apples all work wonderfully for this snack and, to make them even more fun, consider using cookie cutters to create fun shapes out of the fruit slices. Remove any pointed ends from the kebab sticks and store the kebabs in a cooler when you head to the indoor party place.

    PB & Veggies

    For a snack that is healthy, crunchy, and tasty, it’s hard to go wrong with peanut butter and vegetable sticks. For this snack, cut up celery and carrots into sticks that are about 4 inches long, and then spread peanut or nut butter along one side. To make this snack a bit sweeter, bring along apple slices and raisins to add to the peanut butter.

    Fruit Cups

    Fruit cups are another healthy birthday party treat option that uses fresh fruit. Strawberries, tangerine slices, mangos, grapes, and blueberries work excellently for this snack, and you can either mix them all together or layer the different fruits to create a rainbow effect. You can easily transition this snack into a fresh fruit parfait by adding yogurt and granola.

    Popcorn Balls

    Finally, for something salty, crunchy, and a bit sweet, consider bringing homemade popcorn balls along with you to the children’s party place. First, make the popcorn. Then, melt butter and marshmallows and stir the mixture into the popcorn. Next, form the sticky popcorn into balls. Lastly, add a final touch of colored sprinkles and then leave them to set for an hour before wrapping them individually.