• Fun Ideas for Tween Birthday Party Themes

    Planning a tween’s birthday party presents a great opportunity to let his or her personality shine. A tween can use a great indoor party facility to host a memorable birthday party featuring his or her favorite movie, book series, or musician. These indoor parties in Doral, FL allow guests to join in the fun by dressing up, playing games, and receiving inventive party favors. Read on for some fun ideas for a tween’s indoor birthday party . Indoor Party Facility by My Clubhouse

    Rock Star Party

    Tweens and teens are discovering their own likes and dislikes, and these most often include a personal taste in music. A fun indoor party birthday theme can feature the tween’s favorite type of music, band, or artist. Guests can play with a karaoke machine, dress up like rock stars, and dance to their favorite songs.

    Art Party

    Painting, crafting, and other artistic creations are a huge hit for birthday parties at any age. Tweens can make different crafts, decorate cupcakes, and recreate famous paintings at an indoor party place. In addition to giving guests artistic creations to make, art parties can utilize colorful decorations, favors, and desserts.

    Book Party

    There are several popular book series and literary characters that can create a fun and exciting theme for a tween’s birthday party. The Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games trilogy, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians are just a few wildly popular book series that tweens and their friends will love. There are various games, favors, decorations, and food ideas for each of these indoor party themes. Engage the birthday child to determine the best ideas to use for this fun birthday party.

    Movie Party

    A movie party can be centered around the birthday kid’s favorite movie, or it can be centered around movies in general. Serve movie snacks, candies, and sodas, and invite guests to watch movies on a projector or big-screen television set. If the theme is for a specific movie, then ask guests to dress up as characters from the movie. This will get everyone involved and enjoying the birthday party.

  • How to Minimize Stress When Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Party

    If you stress about your child’s birthday party, then you will not be able to focus on enjoying the party and creating memories with your child. However, you can minimize your stress with help from your loved ones and an indoor party facility near Doral, FL . These facilities specialize in minimizing your stress by throwing great indoor parties. Let’s take a closer look at how you can keep your stress levels low while planning your child’s birthday party .

    Children's Birthday Party by My Clubhouse

    Enlist Help

    The best way to minimize stress is to share your troubles and concerns with those closest to you. When planning your child’s birthday party, ask your friends and family to help you with the details. You can enlist those closest to you to research indoor party facilities, create a guest list, and make party favors. You can better focus on making your child’s birthday party the best experience for him or her when you have a group of ready and willing helpers.

    Book a Party Place

    The stress of planning your child’s birthday party may come from the thought of hosting the party at your own home. You will have to clean your house, set up the party, and clean everything again once everyone leaves. Instead, you can book an indoor party facility that will take care of the entire party process for you. These indoor playgrounds can provide invitations, thank you cards, decorations, food, and engaging activities. In addition to these amenities, you will have party hosts to keep the party moving and clean up after your guests leave. At an indoor party facility, you can enjoy your child’s birthday party and socialize with friends, family, and fellow parents.

    Create a Checklist

    Create a checklist of tasks, ideas, and phone numbers during the initial stages of party planning. You can use this checklist to keep track of tasks that have been done and those that are not yet finished. You can also split the checklist between your group of helpers. Each person will know their job expectations, and you do not need to stress over planning the entire party.

  • How to Get Your Child Involved in Birthday Party Planning

    Booking an indoor party place is a great way to start planning for a birthday celebration, but having your child help you plan can make the event special and more memorable for her. If you’ve already booked a private party place in Doral, FL , then read on for tips on involving your child in the party planning process. Indoor Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Ask for help with the theme.

    One of the best ways to get your child interested in helping you plan her birthday event is to ask her what type of party she would like. In most cases, kids have plenty of ideas when it comes to birthday party themes, and there are likely to be at least a few that are feasible. Together, make a list of possible birthday party themes and then help your child settle on one. Do not be dissuaded by unique and non-traditional ideas because these can create a fun challenge for you and your child to take on.

    Work together on the invitations.

    After selecting a theme, you and your kid can move on to the invites. Whether you want to buy invitations or make them by hand, this is a step that both you and your child can work on. If buying the invitations, allow your child to pick the ones that she wants, while reminding her of the party’s theme and helping her find ones that match. Next, let your child write the names of the invitees on the envelopes and add a message to the card if she desires. If you’d rather make homemade invites, then setting aside an afternoon to work on them together with your child is a great way to get her involved in the party planning and to add a personal touch to the invitations.

    Pick out decorations together.

    Finally, bringing some of your own decorations to the indoor party place is an excellent way to build on the party’s theme. Have your child help you pick out hats, banners, and streamers, and then set them up together at the indoor playground to keep her involved in the party planning.

  • My Clubhouse: Fun for All Ages

    Are you considering your options for birthday party places in Doral, FL ? If so, then choosing a location that offers fun and entertainment for kids of all ages can be important for picking the right birthday party place. For this reason, the My Clubhouse private party place has areas that accommodate different age groups.

    Our baby and toddler area provides a fun and safe environment with a playground designed specifically with young children in mind. The kids area, designed for those ages 3 to 12, offers many different ways for kids to stay active and enjoy themselves. Featuring a rock climbing wall, video games, and a pool table, our teens & tweens area is sure to be enjoyable for kids in this age group. Finally, the My Clubhouse indoor private party place even has an area where adults and seniors can sit and relax, watch TV, or play a game of pool. With so much to offer and something for everyone, it makes sense to choose My Clubhouse for your next party for kids.

    Kids Playground by My Clubhouse

  • A Look at Popular Birthday Party Trends

    There are few things that get your child excited quite like their birthday. Since birthdays only comes once a year, children may start getting ready for it months in advance—and you can, too. Talk to your child about what sort of birthday party she wants to have, and give her options such as going to an indoor playground in Doral, Florida . An indoor playground is ideal for kids and adults alike, as there is something for everyone to do. Keep reading to find out about the most popular trends in children’s birthday parties as you start to plan your child’s next birthday. Outside the Home at My Clubhouse

    Outside the Home

    When you are in the midst of planning your child’s birthday party, you’ll have to decide where you want it to be. Hosting a party at your own house is a lot of work, as you need to clean up before and after the party. Decorating is also time-consuming, and with your busy schedule, you just may not have time to do it. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have your child’s birthday party at an indoor party place where there are plenty of activities and areas for youngsters to run around. You can bring a few decorations if you want, but many of the supplies you need can be provided for you. Leave the setup and cleanup to the pros, and you can spend your free time relaxing.

    Professional Photography

    You put forth a lot of effort making sure your child’s birthday party will be a blast, so you should be able to enjoy it almost as much as they do. For the party, consider hiring a professional photographer, or designating a friend as the party photographer. You’ll have other hosting duties to take care of, and you don’t want to miss all of the special moments that happen at the indoor party facility. Put someone else behind the lens so you can concentrate on making sure your child’s birthday party is a success.

  • Fun Birthday Cake Ideas to Try

    As a parent, there are few things more important to you than your child’s happiness. When your child has a birthday coming up, think about the best way to celebrate. Ask your child if she has any birthday wishes, and invite her to help you in the planning process. Having an indoor party at a kids party place in Doral, Florida will help ensure that the event is fun—and that you don’t have to prepare your house for guests. The party venue can provide the food and snacks, but you can play around with fun birthday cake ideas to make your child happy. Read on to learn a few fun birthday cake ideas you can try. Castle Cake by My Clubhouse

    Castle Cake

    A cake designed like a castle may sound difficult, but it is actually fairly easy to accomplish when you have the right supplies. You can bake a regular circular cake to serve as the base, and then use accessories such as sugar cones, a large cupcake, and candies to create the castle effect. If you are feeling ambitious, you can use a few different sizes of circular cakes to make a tier upon which the castle tower will sit.

    French Fry Cake

    When you are feeding many children at a birthday party place, look for ways that you can creatively get cake for everyone while minimizing the cleanup. Consider baking a cake in the shape of French fries with individual sticks for little hands to grab. Cut a pound cake into the shape of fries, and put them in the oven to make them look toasty. Use vanilla frosting with red food coloring to be the “ketchup” for the fries, and you have a fun dessert to serve at an indoor playground.

    Snake Cake

    It’s fun to eat and it rhymes! A snake cake looks fun and is very easy for you to assemble. You can bake cupcakes or use store-bought ones if you’re short on time, and decorate them to look like different sections of the snake. Arrange them in a coil or a curve and you’ll delight your child and their friends at the birthday party place.

  • Birthday Party Favors to Take Home

    For your child’s next birthday party, think about hosting it at an indoor party place in Doral, Florida to save yourself the hassle of hosting at home. To show your guests that you appreciate them coming, make simple birthday party favors for them to take home. Watch this video for easy birthday party favor ideas.

    The birthday party favors you make can reflect the theme of the party, or just be centered on something your child likes. After an indoor party at a kids’ party place, your child’s friends will be even more excited to take home mementos of the occasion. Make bags that look like movie popcorn and fill them with fun treats like candy or caramel corn. Or, choose your child’s favorite sport and design a treat bag around that theme.

  • The Benefits of Hosting a Birthday Party Outside of Your House

    There are many different places to have a birthday party, whether it be at your house, a nearby park, or a designated indoor party facility in Doral, FL . By hosting a party at your home or a park, you are responsible for so much more than if you trusted your party to a professional kids’ party place. Here is a brief look at the benefits you will find by hosting your child’s birthday party at an indoor party place : Indoor Kid's Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Reduced Cleaning Responsibilities

    Getting ready for a birthday party and cleaning up after one are the two areas of partying that every parent dreads. By planning a birthday party at a kids’ party place, you do not have to worry about cleaning up before or after the party. You do not even have to worry about much of the planning either. Many kids’ party places will provide the invitations, the games, the favors, and the food to make your job easy. You simply tell the helpful party planners what you and your child would like, and then enjoy the party.

    Less Entertainment Responsibilities

    When planning your child’s birthday party—no matter his or her age—you have to think about the various forms of entertainment for the kids and the adults who are going to attend. Instead of stressing about different games to set up or finding the right materials for crafts, pick an indoor playground and party place. These party places come equipped with playgrounds, pool tables, game consoles, and more that can entertain everyone you invite.

    Easier Hosting Responsibilities

    It can be extremely difficult and stressful to host a party; you are responsible for greeting and entertaining guests, as well as making sure your child has the best birthday party. On top of these duties and many more, you want to enjoy your time at the party too. By hosting the party outside of your house, you don’t have to worry about entertaining guests or cleaning up after them. You can enjoy the party, your guests, and, most importantly, your child.

  • Birthday Cake Inspirations: Fun Ideas for Your Toddler

    In addition to choosing the perfect indoor playground near Doral, FL , you also need to pick a fun birthday cake idea for your toddler’s birthday . With the number of creative ideas out there, you should have no problem finding a great cake to accompany the birthday party. Continue reading for a few fun ideas that can easily match any theme you choose at your toddler’s birthday party place. Superheroes by My Clubhouse


    Everyone loves superheroes, and your toddler is probably no exception. You can create an entire theme and birthday cake around your toddler’s favorite superhero or a collection of several superheroes. If your toddler is especially creative, prompt her to come up with brand-new superheroes that all of her guests can take turns role-playing.


    With updated space news, planetary pictures, and sci-fi movies coming out every day, there is no limit to help you create a space theme for your toddler. You can easily decorate your toddler’s birthday cake with planets, a rocket ship, and edible glitter to represent the stars.


    Your toddler is still learning about colors, so why not create a rainbow-colored cake? This type of colorful cake can be done in many different ways, including making a cake entirely of different-colored fruits. With this type of cake, your toddler can learn about colors and healthy fruits at the same time.

    Rice Crispy

    Instead of creating a regular birthday cake that needs to go in and out of the oven, you can always opt for a no-bake rice crispy cake. Rice crispy cakes or treats are a quick dessert to make, and they can easily be made to accommodate children with gluten or dairy allergies. Consider decorating the cake with some edible decorations to bring some more color to the birthday party place.

    Favorite Characters

    Any sort of character can grace the cake for your toddler’s birthday. She may have a favorite animal, cartoon character, princess, or movie icon. Let her pick out her favorite, or surprise her during her indoor party. Ask the birthday party place if they carry themed decorations to match.

  • Birthday Ideas for Little Princesses

    You treat your daughter like a princess every day, and you can boost the fun by throwing a princess-themed birthday party this year. Once you have found the perfect indoor party place in Doral, FL for your child’s next birthday party, check out this video clip to get some ideas for planning a princess party.

    You can bring some fun, princess-worthy foods, such as miniature sandwiches and pink lemonade, to the birthday party place to ensure that mealtime is both delicious and fun. For dessert, a castle cake with a princess figurine can be the perfect option. Decorate the indoor party place with streamers, and bring beaded necklace kits so your daughter and her friends can make a fun crafty favor. You can also talk to the staff at the children’s party place about playing princess music during the party.