• How to Avoid Overstimulation at Parties

    • It can be common for young children to be overstimulated at indoor party facilities and exciting birthday parties . There are many factors that contribute to overwhelming a young child at birthday parties, such as sugar rushes and confusion over gift-giving. You can avoid these feelings by being prepared. Let’s take a quick look at how to avoid overstimulating your young child at an indoor party facility in Doral, FL.
    • If your child is prone to temper tantrums, hurt feelings, or negative responses to tiredness and sugar exposure, then monitor him throughout the party. You are the only one who can gauge your child’s reactions while playing in an indoor playground or watching the birthday kid open presents.
    • If you see your child becoming overwhelmed, then it is acceptable to take him outside of the birthday party place for a few minutes. He can use this time to collect himself, and you can explain why he might be feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed.
    • If your child is unable to get past his feelings, then you can take him home early. However, use this opportunity to show your child manners and thank the host for inviting your child.

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  • Quick Tips for Celebrating Early Birthdays

    Birthdays for younger children from ages one to five can be fun and energizing. However, young children do not experience certain events, places, and people in the same way that older children and adults do. You can keep your young child’s birthday party fun and stress-free when you follow simple tips like opening presents after guests have left the birthday party place near Doral, FL. Continue reading for more tips to help you celebrate your child’s indoor birthday party with minimal stress and a lot of fun. Birthday Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Tip #1: Prepare for Various Emotions

    Children ages one to three often experience happiness, frustration, and nervousness within the span of a few minutes. A party, filled with multiple adults and kids, can overwhelm your young child and cause this range of emotions to spill out. You can still plan a fun indoor party for your two-year-old, but be prepared for those bursts of random emotions. Limit the number of guests invited, and keep hazardous items—such as balloons and candles—out of reach of all children.

    Tip #2: Open Presents After the Party

    Keep your young child, and all of her young friends, as happy as possible by opening presents after the party is over and guests have left. Two and three-year-old children do not always understand the concept of sharing or that they cannot take the presents home with them. You can prevent possessive tantrums and hurt feelings by having your child open her presents with a small number of close family members around. Just make sure to send out thank you cards later on to those who gave gifts so that they know their gifts were appreciated.

    Tip #3: Prepare Simple Activities

    There are several activities to keep your young child and her guests entertained. You can hold her birthday party at a local indoor party facility where there are indoor playgrounds and games. You can also prepare simple activities, such as “Simon Says,” arts and crafts, singing, scavenger hunts, and hitting a piñata. If you choose a birthday party place, then consult with your personal party hosts on the best games and activities to keep all of the guests entertained.

  • Fun Ideas for Tween Birthday Party Themes

    Planning a tween’s birthday party presents a great opportunity to let his or her personality shine. A tween can use a great indoor party facility to host a memorable birthday party featuring his or her favorite movie, book series, or musician. These indoor parties in Doral, FL allow guests to join in the fun by dressing up, playing games, and receiving inventive party favors. Read on for some fun ideas for a tween’s indoor birthday party . Indoor Party Facility by My Clubhouse

    Rock Star Party

    Tweens and teens are discovering their own likes and dislikes, and these most often include a personal taste in music. A fun indoor party birthday theme can feature the tween’s favorite type of music, band, or artist. Guests can play with a karaoke machine, dress up like rock stars, and dance to their favorite songs.

    Art Party

    Painting, crafting, and other artistic creations are a huge hit for birthday parties at any age. Tweens can make different crafts, decorate cupcakes, and recreate famous paintings at an indoor party place. In addition to giving guests artistic creations to make, art parties can utilize colorful decorations, favors, and desserts.

    Book Party

    There are several popular book series and literary characters that can create a fun and exciting theme for a tween’s birthday party. The Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games trilogy, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians are just a few wildly popular book series that tweens and their friends will love. There are various games, favors, decorations, and food ideas for each of these indoor party themes. Engage the birthday child to determine the best ideas to use for this fun birthday party.

    Movie Party

    A movie party can be centered around the birthday kid’s favorite movie, or it can be centered around movies in general. Serve movie snacks, candies, and sodas, and invite guests to watch movies on a projector or big-screen television set. If the theme is for a specific movie, then ask guests to dress up as characters from the movie. This will get everyone involved and enjoying the birthday party.

  • Reduce Cleanup by Booking an Indoor Party Place

    If you love big birthday parties , but you dread the cleanup afterward, then you need to book an indoor party place. When you choose an indoor party facility in Doral, FL —complete with an indoor playground and customizable party packages—you can enjoy your child’s birthday party without any cleanup hassle. Continue reading to see how an established birthday party place will reduce your party’s cleanup.

    Indoor party facilities already have steps in place to efficiently set up and take down a birthday party. Their staff is trained and experienced on the quickest ways to clean up any party size. Party facilities often have trash compactors and access to garbage dumpsters to clean up all remaining items that cannot be reused. Indoor party facilities also have reusable decorations, chairs, tables, and indoor playground entertainment, which help reduce the amount of cleanup after a birthday party. If you are looking for great birthday entertainment with none of the cleanup, then call your local indoor party facility.

  • How to Minimize Stress When Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Party

    If you stress about your child’s birthday party, then you will not be able to focus on enjoying the party and creating memories with your child. However, you can minimize your stress with help from your loved ones and an indoor party facility near Doral, FL . These facilities specialize in minimizing your stress by throwing great indoor parties. Let’s take a closer look at how you can keep your stress levels low while planning your child’s birthday party .

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    Enlist Help

    The best way to minimize stress is to share your troubles and concerns with those closest to you. When planning your child’s birthday party, ask your friends and family to help you with the details. You can enlist those closest to you to research indoor party facilities, create a guest list, and make party favors. You can better focus on making your child’s birthday party the best experience for him or her when you have a group of ready and willing helpers.

    Book a Party Place

    The stress of planning your child’s birthday party may come from the thought of hosting the party at your own home. You will have to clean your house, set up the party, and clean everything again once everyone leaves. Instead, you can book an indoor party facility that will take care of the entire party process for you. These indoor playgrounds can provide invitations, thank you cards, decorations, food, and engaging activities. In addition to these amenities, you will have party hosts to keep the party moving and clean up after your guests leave. At an indoor party facility, you can enjoy your child’s birthday party and socialize with friends, family, and fellow parents.

    Create a Checklist

    Create a checklist of tasks, ideas, and phone numbers during the initial stages of party planning. You can use this checklist to keep track of tasks that have been done and those that are not yet finished. You can also split the checklist between your group of helpers. Each person will know their job expectations, and you do not need to stress over planning the entire party.

  • Spotlight on Our Customizable Party Packages

    When choosing an indoor playground for a child’s birthday party, look for one that offers a variety of amazing features—like My Clubhouse! With a customizable indoor party package near Doral, FL , parents and children can enjoy a vast selection of menu choices, colorful decorations, and helpful amenities. Read on for a sample of the many additions and amenities that come with a private party place like My Clubhouse. indoor - playground

    Several Amenities

    My Clubhouse offers a diverse range of amenities to complement any type of birthday party your child might want. Included with a customizable party package are 4 hours to use the private party place, as well as invitations and thank you cards. In addition to these essentials, My Clubhouse also offers indoor playgrounds to suit all ages of party guests. There is a rock climbing wall, bounce houses, video game stations, pool table, and other games to keep toddlers, teens, and adults entertained. These amenities are supplied and supervised by party hosts so parents can enjoy the party with their children.

    Various Menu Choices

    Each customizable party package comes with a wide selection of menu choices to suit all ages and all palates. There are several dishes, such as arroz con pollo y Maduro and chicken fettucine alfredo. In addition to these choices, different pizzas and toppings are offered to the children. Coffee, sodas, and water are always available. Party packages also include a cotton candy cart and a popcorn cart for sweets and snacks. Parents will not have to worry about supplying anything else, because cups, plates, napkins, and utensils are all supplied by My Clubhouse.

    Colorful Decorations

    To complete the indoor party package, My Clubhouse offers various decorations. These decorations include a painted tablecloth with colorful centerpieces. Indoor party packages will also include balloons and piñatas, which children will enjoy along with the rest of the indoor playground. Children will also enjoy the different figures offered by My Clubhouse; these include two 6-feet wooden figures and a gift figure to match one of the offered birthday themes.

  • Making DIY Balloon Birthday Invitations

    Planning a party at a children’s party place in Doral, FL should be almost as fun as the party itself. You and your child can get the fun started by working together to make beautiful and festive invitations to send to his friends.

    Watch this video to get some inspiration for invitations to the indoor party place . Making your own invitations is a fun way to get into the party spirit if you and your child enjoy creating crafts together. If you’d rather focus on other aspects of the event, you can look for a birthday party place that offers amenities such as invitation cards and thank you notes to give to all of your party guests. Look for an indoor party place that offers the activities and amenities you and your child want.

  • Qualities to Look for in an Indoor Party Place

    Your child has a birthday coming up and you don’t want to host a party at home. Luckily, indoor party places in Doral, FL provide the perfect space for an awesome party . Make sure you plan an unforgettable event for your child by looking for these qualities in a private party place: Perfect Space for party By My Clubhouse


    One of the most important qualities to look for in an indoor party place is the activities. You want to choose a place that will offer your child and her friends plenty of fun activities to try during your time there. Bounce playgrounds are popular choices as well as rock climbing walls and video game stations. Talk to your child about her favorite activities so you can find a party place that she’s sure to love.


    Your child and her friends will need fuel to energize their time at the indoor party place, so you’ll want to choose a location that offers plenty of tasty food options. Choose a party place that will provide kid-pleasing food like pizza as well as options that parents will enjoy eating. You should also look for places that offer snacks and drinks that all guests can enjoy throughout the event.


    You can’t have a children’s party without decorations! That’s why it’s a good idea to ask about decoration options when you’re looking for a private party place. Make sure you choose a location that will decorate the space before you arrive. Look for classic party decorations like balloons, tablecloths, center pieces, and a piñata for the kids to enjoy.

    Setup and Cleanup

    Indoor party places are popular because they provide an awesome and unforgettable party experience for children of all ages. But they are also popular because they let parents relax! You can find an indoor party place that will take care of setting up the space before you arrive and cleaning everything up after you leave. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the party instead of worrying about the aftermath.

  • Fun Ideas for Winter Themed Kids Parties

    Winter is a fun and festive time, so why not keep that spirit alive for your child’s winter birthday party? An indoor party place in Doral, FL is the perfect location to enjoy a winter themed event without having to endure the colder weather. Consider these ideas for your child’s upcoming indoor party : Indoor Party Place by My Clubhouse


    If your child has a winter birthday, she might also have a favorite winter movie. Encourage your child and her friends to dress up like characters from their favorite winter movies or stories for her birthday party. This is a fun way to incorporate a winter theme into your child’s party that will allow her and her friends to play dress-up and express their creativity. Just make sure everyone’s costume to safe to wear while playing at the birthday party place.

    Winter Crafts

    Party guests might not be able to make snowmen or snow angels at an indoor party place, but they can make craft versions of these winter favorites. Bring plenty of paper and crayons, markers, and coloring pencils to the indoor party place. When the kids aren’t busy playing, they can outline each other on large pieces to paper to make paper snow angels, or use paper and other craft materials to build indoor snowmen.

    Festive Foods

    If your child loves winter treats, you should plan to make or buy some to bring to the party. You can bring a container of hot chocolate so party guests can enjoy this winter favorite throughout the event. You can also bake cookies, cakes, or other sweet treats with your child’s favorite winter images, such as snowflakes, snowmen, or their favorite winter movie characters.

    Party Favors

    Goodie bags are a fun way to thank your child’s party guests for attending the event. You and your child can have fun thinking of winter themed party favors to include for her party. Make winter crafts that guests can use or put on display or look for fun items that feature your child’s favorite characters.

  • How to Get Your Child Involved in Birthday Party Planning

    Booking an indoor party place is a great way to start planning for a birthday celebration, but having your child help you plan can make the event special and more memorable for her. If you’ve already booked a private party place in Doral, FL , then read on for tips on involving your child in the party planning process. Indoor Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Ask for help with the theme.

    One of the best ways to get your child interested in helping you plan her birthday event is to ask her what type of party she would like. In most cases, kids have plenty of ideas when it comes to birthday party themes, and there are likely to be at least a few that are feasible. Together, make a list of possible birthday party themes and then help your child settle on one. Do not be dissuaded by unique and non-traditional ideas because these can create a fun challenge for you and your child to take on.

    Work together on the invitations.

    After selecting a theme, you and your kid can move on to the invites. Whether you want to buy invitations or make them by hand, this is a step that both you and your child can work on. If buying the invitations, allow your child to pick the ones that she wants, while reminding her of the party’s theme and helping her find ones that match. Next, let your child write the names of the invitees on the envelopes and add a message to the card if she desires. If you’d rather make homemade invites, then setting aside an afternoon to work on them together with your child is a great way to get her involved in the party planning and to add a personal touch to the invitations.

    Pick out decorations together.

    Finally, bringing some of your own decorations to the indoor party place is an excellent way to build on the party’s theme. Have your child help you pick out hats, banners, and streamers, and then set them up together at the indoor playground to keep her involved in the party planning.