• Making Edible Bouquet Party Favors

    There are many simple party favors that you can make for your next birthday party or event. As you can see in the video, a bouquet of lollipops can make a great favor or centerpiece to bring to a birthday party place near Doral, FL. Read on to see how you can make an edible bouquet for your next indoor party.

    Purchase a malt glass or plastic cup, and add a well-fitted Styrofoam ball. You can decorate the glass and Styrofoam ball with tissue paper and ribbons. Grab several lollipops to stick in the ball. Soon, you will have a colorful and edible bouquet of lollipops to give at your next indoor party . Speak with the party hosts at your booked birthday party place for more decorating and favor ideas.

  • Reduce Cleanup by Booking an Indoor Party Place

    If you love big birthday parties , but you dread the cleanup afterward, then you need to book an indoor party place. When you choose an indoor party facility in Doral, FL —complete with an indoor playground and customizable party packages—you can enjoy your child’s birthday party without any cleanup hassle. Continue reading to see how an established birthday party place will reduce your party’s cleanup.

    Indoor party facilities already have steps in place to efficiently set up and take down a birthday party. Their staff is trained and experienced on the quickest ways to clean up any party size. Party facilities often have trash compactors and access to garbage dumpsters to clean up all remaining items that cannot be reused. Indoor party facilities also have reusable decorations, chairs, tables, and indoor playground entertainment, which help reduce the amount of cleanup after a birthday party. If you are looking for great birthday entertainment with none of the cleanup, then call your local indoor party facility.

  • Answering Your Questions About Our Indoor Party Facility

    My Clubhouse is an indoor party facility in Doral, FL that gives you complete control over your party. You do not need to wonder about who to invite or what to bring anymore. Read below for the answers to your questions about our exciting and customizable indoor party facility.

    Kid's Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Who can participate in a My Clubhouse party?

    Everyone can participate in a My Clubhouse party. Our indoor party facility has several areas that can entertain everyone who shows up for your party. The baby and toddler area is completely supervised with soft play areas where the little ones of your group can enjoy and explore. Another area has a bounce house, rock wall, and playground for the older kids. Teenagers can enjoy a rock wall and a video game station with the newest Wii and Xbox games. The adults in your party can also enjoy a pool table, flat screen TVs, and other games during your next My Clubhouse party.

    What is included in a My Clubhouse party package?

    Your indoor party package will include more amenities than you could ever imagine. In addition to four hours of access to your own private party space, you will receive invitation and thank you cards, your choice from an extensive menu, and a variety of decorations. Your party package will also include your own party hosts, who will keep watch over the entire party to ensure that you and your guests are having a great time. Once the party is over, you can rest and head home, because your party package includes setup and cleanup services.

    What outside items can I bring into the facility?

    You will meet with your party hosts prior to the event, to customize the menu, decorations, and activities however you wish. If My Clubhouse does not have a specific menu item, decoration, or party favor, then you can bring it into the party facility. Your party package is yours to design, so talk to your party hosts about the best ways to customize your next party at My Clubhouse.

  • How to Minimize Stress When Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Party

    If you stress about your child’s birthday party, then you will not be able to focus on enjoying the party and creating memories with your child. However, you can minimize your stress with help from your loved ones and an indoor party facility near Doral, FL . These facilities specialize in minimizing your stress by throwing great indoor parties. Let’s take a closer look at how you can keep your stress levels low while planning your child’s birthday party .

    Children's Birthday Party by My Clubhouse

    Enlist Help

    The best way to minimize stress is to share your troubles and concerns with those closest to you. When planning your child’s birthday party, ask your friends and family to help you with the details. You can enlist those closest to you to research indoor party facilities, create a guest list, and make party favors. You can better focus on making your child’s birthday party the best experience for him or her when you have a group of ready and willing helpers.

    Book a Party Place

    The stress of planning your child’s birthday party may come from the thought of hosting the party at your own home. You will have to clean your house, set up the party, and clean everything again once everyone leaves. Instead, you can book an indoor party facility that will take care of the entire party process for you. These indoor playgrounds can provide invitations, thank you cards, decorations, food, and engaging activities. In addition to these amenities, you will have party hosts to keep the party moving and clean up after your guests leave. At an indoor party facility, you can enjoy your child’s birthday party and socialize with friends, family, and fellow parents.

    Create a Checklist

    Create a checklist of tasks, ideas, and phone numbers during the initial stages of party planning. You can use this checklist to keep track of tasks that have been done and those that are not yet finished. You can also split the checklist between your group of helpers. Each person will know their job expectations, and you do not need to stress over planning the entire party.