Spotlight on Our Customizable Party Packages

When choosing an indoor playground for a child’s birthday party, look for one that offers a variety of amazing features—like My Clubhouse! With a customizable indoor party package near Doral, FL , parents and children can enjoy a vast selection of menu choices, colorful decorations, and helpful amenities. Read on for a sample of the many additions and amenities that come with a private party place like My Clubhouse. indoor - playground

Several Amenities

My Clubhouse offers a diverse range of amenities to complement any type of birthday party your child might want. Included with a customizable party package are 4 hours to use the private party place, as well as invitations and thank you cards. In addition to these essentials, My Clubhouse also offers indoor playgrounds to suit all ages of party guests. There is a rock climbing wall, bounce houses, video game stations, pool table, and other games to keep toddlers, teens, and adults entertained. These amenities are supplied and supervised by party hosts so parents can enjoy the party with their children.

Various Menu Choices

Each customizable party package comes with a wide selection of menu choices to suit all ages and all palates. There are several dishes, such as arroz con pollo y Maduro and chicken fettucine alfredo. In addition to these choices, different pizzas and toppings are offered to the children. Coffee, sodas, and water are always available. Party packages also include a cotton candy cart and a popcorn cart for sweets and snacks. Parents will not have to worry about supplying anything else, because cups, plates, napkins, and utensils are all supplied by My Clubhouse.

Colorful Decorations

To complete the indoor party package, My Clubhouse offers various decorations. These decorations include a painted tablecloth with colorful centerpieces. Indoor party packages will also include balloons and piñatas, which children will enjoy along with the rest of the indoor playground. Children will also enjoy the different figures offered by My Clubhouse; these include two 6-feet wooden figures and a gift figure to match one of the offered birthday themes.

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