• Why Choose a Party Place That Accommodates Kids of All Ages?

    When planning a birthday party for your toddler, young child, or teenager, it is essential to choose a private party place that can entertain kids and adults of all ages. By using this type of birthday party place in Doral, FL , your child’s birthday party will be more fun for everyone who is invited. Let’s take a closer look at why kids’ party places should accommodate all ages and how it can benefit your next party.

    In addition to different indoor playgrounds, finding a private party place with video game stations and pool tables will keep everyone entertained. If you are planning a party for your toddler, your older family members and children may be reluctant to attend. They may think your birthday party place is suited only for the toddler and her young friends. However, a birthday party place with areas for adults to enjoy will ensure that all of your family will enjoy the toddler’s birthday. This type of birthday party place will reduce any stress on you to keep all ages entertained, and you can be sure that all of your guests are having a great time.

    Wall Climbing Sports by My Clubhouse

  • Spotlight on Our Customizable Party Packages

    When choosing an indoor playground for a child’s birthday party, look for one that offers a variety of amazing features—like My Clubhouse! With a customizable indoor party package near Doral, FL , parents and children can enjoy a vast selection of menu choices, colorful decorations, and helpful amenities. Read on for a sample of the many additions and amenities that come with a private party place like My Clubhouse. indoor - playground

    Several Amenities

    My Clubhouse offers a diverse range of amenities to complement any type of birthday party your child might want. Included with a customizable party package are 4 hours to use the private party place, as well as invitations and thank you cards. In addition to these essentials, My Clubhouse also offers indoor playgrounds to suit all ages of party guests. There is a rock climbing wall, bounce houses, video game stations, pool table, and other games to keep toddlers, teens, and adults entertained. These amenities are supplied and supervised by party hosts so parents can enjoy the party with their children.

    Various Menu Choices

    Each customizable party package comes with a wide selection of menu choices to suit all ages and all palates. There are several dishes, such as arroz con pollo y Maduro and chicken fettucine alfredo. In addition to these choices, different pizzas and toppings are offered to the children. Coffee, sodas, and water are always available. Party packages also include a cotton candy cart and a popcorn cart for sweets and snacks. Parents will not have to worry about supplying anything else, because cups, plates, napkins, and utensils are all supplied by My Clubhouse.

    Colorful Decorations

    To complete the indoor party package, My Clubhouse offers various decorations. These decorations include a painted tablecloth with colorful centerpieces. Indoor party packages will also include balloons and piñatas, which children will enjoy along with the rest of the indoor playground. Children will also enjoy the different figures offered by My Clubhouse; these include two 6-feet wooden figures and a gift figure to match one of the offered birthday themes.

  • Fun and Practical Favors for Your Child’s Birthday Party

    Before heading to your child’s birthday party place in Doral, FL , you need to decide on some fun favors to give the party guests. Instead of toys or candy, you can supply practical and fun favors for any party theme. You can match these party favors to the theme of the indoor party —such as cartoon-decorated card decks—or you can supply gardening kits and stationary for creative and useful party favors. Continue reading for more practical party favors you can use. Party Place by My Clubhouse

    Gardening Kits

    Gardening kits are a fun way to teach kids about the environment. Whether your child’s birthday party is held outside or at an indoor playground, you can distribute small bags of seeds to each guest. Include a list of instructions and a small, plastic pot in which to grow the seeds. Your child’s party guests will have fun planting and watching the seeds grow.

    Stationary Kits

    Stationary kits may include pens, pencils, pads of paper, and notebooks. These kits can come in colorful designs or themes to match your child’s birthday party décor. Kids will love stationary kit favors, because they can color, sketch, and write whenever they want. These kits will also help improve kids’ motor function, writing skills, and creativity.

    Card Decks

    Card decks can come in a variety of designs, from popular cartoon shows to movie characters. Kids can use these simple party favors to play different games and work on their number and math skills. Card decks can also bring children together by encouraging game play and socialization.

    Easy Readers

    Books and other easy reading supplies are great party favors that will excite both kids and parents. There are many inexpensive sets of easy reading books that you can include with your child’s party favors. These books will improve children’s reading skills and broaden their horizons.

    Colorful Toothbrushes

    If your child’s birthday party place is decorated with a candy theme, why not offer colorful toothbrushes and dental kits as practical party favors? Parents will love dental supplies, and your child’s party guests will enjoy using bright and fun-looking toothbrushes.

  • How to Beautifully Wrap a Present

    Whether you are attending a birthday party or throwing one at your local birthday party place in Doral, FL , wrapping presents is going to be on your mind. Wrapping a present does not need to be difficult, especially with the simple way seen in the attached video. To learn how to beautifully wrap a present for your next indoor party, continue reading below.

    Grab a piece of wrapping paper that will match the theme of the birthday party place, and make sure it will properly fit the present. Cut and resize the wrapping paper as needed. When folding the wrapping paper around the present, press down to create sharp, clean edges. With clean edges, you will have an easy time wrapping your presents for your next indoor party.