Fun Birthday Cake Ideas to Try

As a parent, there are few things more important to you than your child’s happiness. When your child has a birthday coming up, think about the best way to celebrate. Ask your child if she has any birthday wishes, and invite her to help you in the planning process. Having an indoor party at a kids party place in Doral, Florida will help ensure that the event is fun—and that you don’t have to prepare your house for guests. The party venue can provide the food and snacks, but you can play around with fun birthday cake ideas to make your child happy. Read on to learn a few fun birthday cake ideas you can try. Castle Cake by My Clubhouse

Castle Cake

A cake designed like a castle may sound difficult, but it is actually fairly easy to accomplish when you have the right supplies. You can bake a regular circular cake to serve as the base, and then use accessories such as sugar cones, a large cupcake, and candies to create the castle effect. If you are feeling ambitious, you can use a few different sizes of circular cakes to make a tier upon which the castle tower will sit.

French Fry Cake

When you are feeding many children at a birthday party place, look for ways that you can creatively get cake for everyone while minimizing the cleanup. Consider baking a cake in the shape of French fries with individual sticks for little hands to grab. Cut a pound cake into the shape of fries, and put them in the oven to make them look toasty. Use vanilla frosting with red food coloring to be the “ketchup” for the fries, and you have a fun dessert to serve at an indoor playground.

Snake Cake

It’s fun to eat and it rhymes! A snake cake looks fun and is very easy for you to assemble. You can bake cupcakes or use store-bought ones if you’re short on time, and decorate them to look like different sections of the snake. Arrange them in a coil or a curve and you’ll delight your child and their friends at the birthday party place.

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