Decorations Included in Your Party Package

Part of your indoor party package with My Clubhouse includes several different decorations. These decorations can be customized to match your child’s birthday party theme and keep everyone at the party entertained. Once you officially begin planning your child’s indoor party near Doral, FL , you can choose from the many different decorations we have. Let’s take a closer look at some of the decorations that come with your indoor party package:

  • A piñata is one of the most exciting features of a birthday party. The kids can swing at a large figurine until a bunch of candy falls out. Kids have a lot of fun playing with piñatas, and parents love to watch the kids.
  • Your indoor party package will also include a painted table cloth and eight center pieces. These decorations will match the theme you and your child have chosen with My Clubhouse.
  • If any children at the party wish to take pictures, My Clubhouse also provides two six-feet-tall wooden figures that kids can pose with. This is a fun decoration for parents and children to become involved in the party.

Indoor Party by My Clubhouse

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