Spotlight on Our Customizable Menu Options

Choosing to book a private party place for your child’s upcoming birthday offers you many advantages. Party planning can be a lot of work, and the cleanup that comes after is nothing to sneeze at. When you decide to host the celebration at our indoor party place in Doral, FL , you’ll benefit from having the setup done for you, and this includes the meal prep as well.

At My Clubhouse private party place, we offer indoor party packages that feature entrées and snacks. Along with your party package, you can include your choice of the following:

  • Arroz con pollo y maduro
  • Moro con lechon asado y yuca
  • Arroz imperial y maduro
  • Chicken fettuccine alfredo
  • Baked ziti and garlic bread

Additionally, we offer coffee, pizza, popcorn, cotton candy, and unlimited soda. Come and take advantage of our customizable menu options, so that you can enjoy the party and delicious food without having to worry about feeding an entire group of kids and cleaning up afterward.

Customizable Menu Options By My Clubhouse

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