Birthday Trends: A Look at the Smash Cake

Cake is often the highlight of older kids’ birthday parties at private party places in Doral, FL , but younger kids may not know what makes the cake so special. A new trend is helping to make cake-time a little more fun for toddlers’ birthdays —the cake smash! Continue reading to learn more about incorporating a cake smash into your child’s visit to an indoor party place.

Instead of expecting young children to try to blow out candles, you can instead provide them with a small cake that they can smash apart. Your child will love getting to crush a birthday cake during his or her party at the kids’ party place, squeezing the frosting in his or her hands and tasting the delicious cake as he or she pleases. Whether your child smashes the cake face-first or with his or her hands, it’s sure to be the highlight of the birthday party. If there will be other children at the indoor party place celebrating your child’s big day, be sure to bring a second cake to serve to the guests.

Child Smashes the Cake

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