• Birthday Ideas for Little Princesses

    You treat your daughter like a princess every day, and you can boost the fun by throwing a princess-themed birthday party this year. Once you have found the perfect indoor party place in Doral, FL for your child’s next birthday party, check out this video clip to get some ideas for planning a princess party.

    You can bring some fun, princess-worthy foods, such as miniature sandwiches and pink lemonade, to the birthday party place to ensure that mealtime is both delicious and fun. For dessert, a castle cake with a princess figurine can be the perfect option. Decorate the indoor party place with streamers, and bring beaded necklace kits so your daughter and her friends can make a fun crafty favor. You can also talk to the staff at the children’s party place about playing princess music during the party.

  • Birthday Trends: A Look at the Smash Cake

    Cake is often the highlight of older kids’ birthday parties at private party places in Doral, FL , but younger kids may not know what makes the cake so special. A new trend is helping to make cake-time a little more fun for toddlers’ birthdays —the cake smash! Continue reading to learn more about incorporating a cake smash into your child’s visit to an indoor party place.

    Instead of expecting young children to try to blow out candles, you can instead provide them with a small cake that they can smash apart. Your child will love getting to crush a birthday cake during his or her party at the kids’ party place, squeezing the frosting in his or her hands and tasting the delicious cake as he or she pleases. Whether your child smashes the cake face-first or with his or her hands, it’s sure to be the highlight of the birthday party. If there will be other children at the indoor party place celebrating your child’s big day, be sure to bring a second cake to serve to the guests.

    Child Smashes the Cake

  • Unique Party Favors for Grade School Kids

    Is your little one’s birthday fast approaching? If so, now is the best time to start planning the party! Along with choosing the right theme, cake, and indoor private party place in Doral, FL , selecting unique party favors will help to ensure that the party will be memorable for both your child and his or her guests. Continue reading for a few ideas for special party favors for grade school kids. Crafts accessories By My Clubhouse

    Personalized Coloring Books

    Giving your child’s friends coloring books is a great way to allow them to get creative during or after the party. You can take this favor to the next level by personalizing it with your child’s name and the party date. Choose a theme for the book that matches the theme of your child’s party, and include a pack of crayons or colored pencils so that everyone can start coloring at the children’s party place right away.

    Flower Seeds

    Allowing grade school children to plant and grow flowers is a great way to help them learn about the life cycle and growth of plants. A truly unique favor for any party is flower seeds—you can even find seeds that come in fun-shaped packs, like hearts and stars, for your child’s guests to take home from the private party place. A mix of wildflower seeds will thrill younger children, as they get to be surprised by what kind of flower will emerge next, or you can choose a specific flower with blooms in your child’s favorite color.

    Photo Crafts

    Getting crafty at a party is a great way to keep kids entertained while also allowing them to take a fun and personal party favor home. To make craft favors even more exciting, you can incorporate photos of the guests and your child. Use an instant-film camera or a digital camera and a portable photo printer to take pictures at the indoor party facility, and use the pictures to create fun keychains or photo collages. You could also let the children decorate picture frames for their photos.

  • Spotlight on Our Customizable Menu Options

    Choosing to book a private party place for your child’s upcoming birthday offers you many advantages. Party planning can be a lot of work, and the cleanup that comes after is nothing to sneeze at. When you decide to host the celebration at our indoor party place in Doral, FL , you’ll benefit from having the setup done for you, and this includes the meal prep as well.

    At My Clubhouse private party place, we offer indoor party packages that feature entrées and snacks. Along with your party package, you can include your choice of the following:

    • Arroz con pollo y maduro
    • Moro con lechon asado y yuca
    • Arroz imperial y maduro
    • Chicken fettuccine alfredo
    • Baked ziti and garlic bread

    Additionally, we offer coffee, pizza, popcorn, cotton candy, and unlimited soda. Come and take advantage of our customizable menu options, so that you can enjoy the party and delicious food without having to worry about feeding an entire group of kids and cleaning up afterward.

    Customizable Menu Options By My Clubhouse