How Many Invitations Is Reasonable for a Child's Party?

Many parents struggle with deciding how many people to invite to their child’s indoor party near Doral, FL. Do they invite the family plus friends, or everyone in the child’s class to the birthday party place? Though this may be a difficult decision, there are certain rules of etiquette that can help a parent determine the number of invitations to send out.

  • If the child is three years old or younger, then it is best to stick with close family and friends at an indoor playground. At this age, children cannot handle much stimulation, so the more people who attend, then the more likely that the birthday child may become overwhelmed.
  • If the child is in preschool or early kindergarten, then a few of the child’s friends may be invited, in addition to family and family friends.
  • In the event that the child’s school friends are being invited to the birthday party place, then it is considered polite to invite the entire class. Make it clear that parents should attend, if there are expected to be several children in attendance.

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